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League Rules



The game is played in a 8v8 format with regular size goals (8"x21"), with a 8 game season for each team, under general FIFA rules and with some changes made to facilitate leisure play. All decisions of the referee are final and binding. The league Director reserves the right to decide on all matters relative to the league and its decisions are final. The league Director may reschedule a match, change league structure, reduce match duration or cancel a match. NO PROTESTS and/or APPEALS ARE ALLOWED. Depending on the number of teams, we may have a Recreational Division and a Competitive Division.

No refunds or credits are provided for injury's, ejections, stop playing or leave.



BSA believes that safety is the most important component of recreation programming. Therefore, it is important that all participants understand that the emotional and physical safety of all players is of the utmost concern of the League and participate in the sport accordingly.



Any player who engages in fighting of any kind, retaliatory or otherwise, is automatically dismissed from the game. The player is also subject to removal from the league with no refund. The League Director has the final say for all rules and regulations. We are a league where families (including children) come to support their loved ones. Cameras are also installed at the fields by City or school district officials. Physical or verbal altercation is not acceptable.



Team - Minimum player requirement for a team is ten (10) players and each team may carry up to as many they want (we recommend fourteen (14).  Age limit for female and male players is eighteen (18), Teams may have one (1) under 18 year old male/female player, upon given consent from the guardian/parent. The league Director may assign free agents (if available) to any team that did not meet the ten (10) player minimum roster but is not obligated to do so. A team can play with 6 male players during the season but will not be permitted to play the last game of regular season and playoffs without having two female players. Team captains/managers are responsible to abide by the rules and to have enough players in their roster. This includes the minimum required number of female players per team, and per game as that is their responsibility. Players must be listed on the roster to be eligible to play. All players must check in and receive a wrist band to play ahead of their game start time. 



*Players are only allowed to be borrowed to make 8 players on the field; borrowing more than 2 male players will result in forfeit (3) goals to zero. Female players are permitted to play, or be borrowed by as many teams as they wish but will have to commit to one team and be rostered for that team by the last game of the regular season. No female player will be permitted to play for multiple teams during the last regular season game or playoffs/finals. Male players may be borrowed between teams to fulfill the 8 at any time during, and prior to the last game of the regular season. A team can play with 6 male players during the season but will not be permitted to play the last game of regular season and playoffs without having two female players. Borrowing one player will give 1 goal advantage to the opposite team, while borrowing 3 will be the limit of borrowed players per game and will provide an advantage of 4 goals to the opposite team. If the opposite team is also borrowing male players, the goal advantage given from borrowed players will deduct each other from the initial score at the time of kick off. Example, 0-0 as both teams have borrowed the same amount of male players. Borrowing more than 3 players won't be permitted as it defeats the purpose of having a team as 3 male players compose 50% of that team without counting the girl players, which are the exception. No U18 players will be permitted to be borrowed. No team will be permitted to borrow or bring in new players after the first half of regular time. Only rostered players (non borrowed) can enter the game after the first half.



*All players must check in at the check in table prior to the game to make sure they are rostered, and have paid their dues. Only players that have received their wristband during check in will be allowed to play. 


The league will permit a grace period of 10 minutes after the scheduled time for kick off, to allow teams to field the minimum of 6 players or any late arrivals. If a team has fielded 6 players but the other hasn't by the 10 minute mark, the team with 6 players will be awarded 1 goal, if the opposite team continues to be short by the 20th minute mark, two goals will be awarded to the team that is complete or has the minimum (equaling 3). Once 30 minutes have passed and the opposite team does not have enough players, a forfeit 3-0 will be awarded to the team that had the minimum or complete amount of players. Players entering the match late must enter with the official’s notification.



League standings will be based on the following:




Total point ties will be resolved by the following tiebreakers, in order:

1-Goal differential

2-Head to head matches

3-Win percentage

*Only team managers are allowed to discuss matters with League Directors and Referees.

*Team managers must repost to the check in table after the game to sign off on the final score of each game.



The referee will ask the teams to decide kick-off and field side options. The kick-off will be at the center of the field at the referee whistle. The ball must move forward first and cross the midfield line. After a goal has been scored, the game restarts from the same midfield point. The team not kicking off at the start of the game will take the kick-off to begin the second half.



All games will have 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime to exchange ends and break. The referee whistle ends each period.



A goal shall be scored when the entire ball crosses the goal line, not the player, in the air or on the ground between the goal posts and under the crossbar.



The ball is considered out of play when the entire ball crosses the end line or sideline.



There are no off sides.



There are no limits on substitutions. The substitute can only enter the field after a player that is being substituted for has left the field.



It is strictly forbidden to wear metal cleats. Shin guards are not mandatory but are highly recommended.



Uniforms are at the team discretion. The top needs to be the same color. If teams are wearing the same color, the home team must wear pennies. The goal keeper must wear a different color than the opposing team. Soccer attire is recommended, and no jeans can be worn.



The game is officiated by a Referee nominated by BSA; their decisions are final. The Referee will serve as timekeeper and scorekeeper. The Referee is part of the field of play and their calls are final.



of any kind is allowed


YELLOW CARD (The player must leave the field of play for 5 minutes)

Demonstrates unsportsmanlike behavior

Argues, harasses and interferes with the Referee

Persistently infringes the laws of the game

Any “unfair play” or "rough play"in the opinion of the Referee

No player can replace the penalized player


RED CARD (The player is not permitted to re-enter the game)

When a player receives two Yellow Cards

Serious foul play

Violent play


Foul or abusive language

Any “unfair play” in the opinion of the Referee

No player can replace the penalized player



Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed at any playing field at any time. Teams are responsible for their spectators. Drinking alcohol is not allowed at Az Co-ed Soccer League.



If a player commits a serious aggressive foul, or offends any spectator or participant of the game, the Referee shall give them a Red Card and they shall be sent off the field without being able to re-enter the game. If a player receives 2 Yellow Cards in a match, then they will be ejected as well and he/she may not be replaced for the remainder of the game. The penalized player’s name and reason for suspension will be reported to the League Director for possible additional sanctions.

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